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Jon Boon is not just your average trivia host; he's the heartbeat of Aberdeen's vibrant trivia scene. Jon's passion for knowledge and community engagement led him to become the go-to trivia guru in Aberdeen, South Dakota.
With a keen mind and a knack for entertaining, Jon embarked on his journey as a trivia host around a decade ago. His infectious energy and genuine love for trivia quickly endeared him to locals, earning him a reputation as the ultimate purveyor of cerebral fun in the Midwest.
Jon's trivia nights are legendary among Aberdeen's residents. Whether it's a cozy pub or a bustling community event, Jon brings his A-game every time. His trivia events are more than just a test of wits; they're an immersive experience where laughter, camaraderie, and learning intertwine. Jon is not a good writer and clearly used AI to write this. Visit for more info!